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GCC vs ICC Compiler Benchmarks - Perl Executable Performance
Following up on the interest shown in our Web Platform Benchmarks, the engineers at UsenetBinaries.com decided to post the results of another benchmark we did recently - which is the performance of the Intel ICC Compiler for Linux vs GCC.

In order to download, reassemble, thumbnail, storyboard, pagegen and database over 100k images and videos daily from the Usenet into browsable and searchable web pages takes many CPU-days of Perl execution daily, in addition to a great deal of C execution.

Since the Perl executable itself is a C program, the performance of different resulting Perl executables from different compilers is of interest to anyone wishing to speed up their Perl programs.

All of the tests were run standalone on an unloaded webserver consisting of (1x) AMD Athlon(tm) 64 FX-53 Processor 2.4GHz (1024 KB cache) with 1GB RAM running OpenSuse 10.2 (32-bit).

Previously icc had disabled some optimizations for non-Intel hardware, but this restriction was lifted prior to version 9.1.

For the Perls we compiled by hand, the default Configure options were selected except for destination directory and, of course, compiler used. The -O3 option was defined to allow the compiler to decide its best-guess optimization for executable performace.

The Benchmarking suite used was Perlbench 0.93 by Gisle Aas.

Perlbench reports its results by defining the first Perl selected as the baseline at 100. The other results refer to the performance of the exectuable *relative* to the first.

e.g. a score of '200' means that the result performed 100% better then the baseline.

Obviously, higher scores are better
The Baseline Perl used is the default binary Perl package as distributed with OpenSuse 10.2 (32-bit).

We need to put a disclaimer here as we did with the last benchmark - no, this is not scientific and no, this is not the definitive benchmark for icc, gcc, or Perl, its just one benchmark which may be of interest to many people, so we're sharing it with the community - take it at face value.

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